What I am up to

  • Crocheting Amigurumis ✂️

  • Playing Animal Crossing & Skyrim 🌱🐉

  • Watching the Queen's Gambit ♟

  • Learning to bake 🍪

  • Advocating for Lupus & Lupus Nephritis 💜

Hello! I'm Jay (Jessie)! 👋

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Washington's Industrial Design program. Previously, I interned at Uber as a Product Design Intern. I am currently designing exoskeletons and UI components for VR physical therapy at XBoost!

My Strengths

With a background in Industrial Design, I add to teams my abilities to

  • communicate with sketches, both on paper and digitally

  • storyboard

  • balance feasibility and usability

  • transform research findings into design opportunities

  • collaborate with diverse teams

My Values

My journey transitioning from industrial design to UX and my personal battle with lupus have made me value

  • empathy for users in not just listening to their frustrations, but also acknowledging their feelings

  • open mindedness in welcoming different perspectives

  • diversity and representation for people with chronic illnesses

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