Hi, I'm Jay!

I'm a Seattle-based Product Designer who loves designing things that make people's lives easier!
Jay in a purple dress, holding plushies

My journey

👩🏻‍⚕️ I started college at 16, wanting to be a pediatrician.

🧠 I discovered that my strengths in creativity, problem solving, empathy, and craft aligned better with the design major.

🎓 I was in the University of Washington School of Design from 2017-2020, specializing in Industrial Design, and more specifically, health/wellness-based products.

🚗 I interned at Uber during my undergrad and eventually became a Product Designer at a healthcare/fintech start-up called Lively.

👋 I left my role at Lively in November 2023.

💳 I joined Visa as a Sr. UX Designer in March 2024!

My collaborative approach

Treat your teammates like you would treat your users 👂 💬 🤝

Communicate, actively listen, and assume best intent when collaborating. We are all trying to build great things together!

Great design solutions are a balancing act ⚖️

As designers, we have to advocate for our users first and foremost. However, true success lies at the intersection of desirability, viability, and feasibility, which is why I value fostering strong relationships and trust with cross-functional partners.

Defend using data, persuade using empathy 👆📊

Persuade others with user data but don't alienate others in order to be right. Data should be a tool to help the team align, not to shut others' ideas out.

What drives me in my design career

Simplifying complex and tedious experiences (such as healthcare data and finances!) 🤯 → 😄

Bettering the healthcare and education industries, and being able to make people's lives easier and more delightful! 🏥🎓😄

Fostering positive and inclusive work environments 🤍 🏢

What I do in my free time

Jay's oil painted pet portraits

I paint pet portraits.

Jay playing the guzheng

I play a traditional Chinese instrument called the Guzheng.

Jay enjoying badminton with her friends

I love playing badminton! I also photographed and designed for the UW Badminton Club for 5+ years!

Jay getting boba with her coworkers

I seek out excellent boba shops everywhere I go (and bring my coworkers along too! 😛)